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Hydraulic Services

Mackay Fluid Power have many years experience providing hydraulics services throughout Mackay and the Bowen Basin. Our hydraulic services include sales, servicing, maintenance, repairs and auditing of hydraulic equipment.

We focus great emphasis on our customer service and ability to deliver a prompt and accurate delivery, specially manufactured products, quality on-site customer service and quality products.

Our professional team have extensive experience in delivering just what our customers need and we fully understand that the less time your equipment is out of action the better.  Our team have the capability to design, install and troubleshoot hydraulic systems and can supply and repair hydraulic components, including cylinders, pumps, motors and valves and other hydraulic tools.

We use Quality Suppliers



We can provide hydraulic servicing and offer:

  • on-site servicing
  • pickup of equipment for servicing at our workshop
  • drop-off equipment to our workshop
Hydraulic Cylinder, Pumps & Motor Repair
Mackay Fluid Power is your premier source for Hydraulic Cylinder repair service. We have just ordered the latest American built Nut Buster 40” Strip Down Bench with break force of up to 101,402 foot-pounds of torque, capable of handling most size Cylinders. We also have a Hydraulic Test Bench capable of testing Hydraulic Pumps, Motors and Valve Blocks etc.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
  • Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repairs

Brands: Rexroth, Parker Denison, Danfoss, Kawasaki, Staffa & Vickers

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality to our customers. That’s why our repairs are guaranteed by a 12-month warranty, and all our weldments are done to Australian Standard AS3992!


Hydraulic Accessories

STAUFF Hydraulic Accessories have been carefully designed to offer a range of components suited to the demands of building hydraulic systems in the most industrial and mobile applications.

• Filter breathers
• Electrical level
• Flow control valves
• Gauges
• Complete filter units
• Fluid level indicators
• Temperature and float switches
• Tank breathers
• Pump/motor couplings
• Gear couplings
• In line flow monitors

STAUFF Accumulators provide a means of regulation the performance of a hydraulic system. They are suitable for storing energy under pressure, absorbing hydraulic shock, dampening pump pulsation and flow fluctuations.

Bladder or diaphragm accumulators provide excellent gas and fluid separation ensuring dependable performance, maximum efficiency, and long service life.

Application Examples:
• Service and fuelling trucks
• Bulk fuel storage and
• Lubrication blending and
• Bio diesel blending
• Hydraulic fluid dispensing

Hydraulic Services
Ball Valves
STAUFF Ball Valves are available in a variety of configurations and a range of sizes to suit most Industrial application

Test Equipment
STAUFF Test offers a comprehensive range of test points
and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

STAUFF Filtration Technology offers a complete range of filtration products and services

STAUFF Clamps enable quick & easy pipe hose installations as well as clean distinct pipe layout with vibration and noise reducing properties

Workshop Repairs
Mackay Fluid Power are equipped to undertake all of your service requirements. Our workshop is a fully equipped facility with trained and qualified service technicians who are committed to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved in a timely manner.

Our workshop capabilities include comprehensive Testing and repair to all products which include:

  • Cylinders
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Lifting Jacks
  • Refuelling equipment
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic torque wrenches
  • Hydraulic motors
  • High force equipment
  • Lubrication components
  • Engineered solutions
Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration
All Torque Wrench calibration is available at Mackay Fluid Power and we can service all brands of wrenches.

Mackay Fluid Power can calibrate your hydraulic and pneumatic tooling.

Regular calibration should be carried out to ensure accuracy and meet the safety standards and to maintain the performance of your equipment.